Mini City
Against Humanity
Greedy Dwarves
Racial Wars
Racial Wars

Racial Wars is fantasy card game, designed by Łukasz Kozak. The game is allows play for 2-4 players. Gameplay concept is based on ruls that allows to reproduce big fantasy heros battle’s.

The War of Races takes place in Ithilion world, which was created specialy for the game purpose. The goal is to conquer the opponent’s residence or to eliminate his leader from the battlefield. The game also becomes more strategic as you play on two fronts.

All detailed data about the game can be found on it’s official website. You can find it here.

code name Mini City

Cities full of life. Citizens living their own life, making their own undependent decisions. Work, entertainment, desires.

... and you inside this.

Mini City is a simulator of life. You could work, or you could not, what will you choose?

Still in development.

code name Against Humanity

Is new game by Pentakl Publishing.

More informations coming soon.


For 1920x1080: download from here.
For 1920x1200: download from here.

Greedy Dwarves

Once a year, in the deepest abyss of the Growing Mountain several Clement Crystals arise from the stone.

That crystals are precious for carpenters but only for a few days stays in form suitable for processing. The knolege of secure collecting them is protected by dwarves by generes.

So at the first day of second sun rise, those who brave, are hurry in journey to collect it. And these who stays alive will become famous and rich....

Game is under development

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Projects overview 2018-11-12

Few words about past projects

As you probably already know, Racial Wars is a "dead" game. This term in context of a collectible card game means that every works with this title was stopped and never will be revoked.

More words about future projects

Mini City is a city life simulator. Work, earn money, eat, go for some fun and more. How will you spent your time in mini cities? And yes, there will be more than one city. Special: Every citizen has its own AI, own preferables and own choices.

Greedy Dwarves is a board game transformed to computer hex map. Collect crystals and become the most rich dwarve. Special: Elimination of board limitation, you can go where you want, in a direction you want. Walking is boring, maybe you would like to swim?

Against Humanity is a first person perspective... secret. Stay tuned for more info.

Say Friend and Enter 2018-11-11

Finally, the new Pentakl website is online.

New website is simplified and more readable than the old one, we hope you like it. For now, some sections will be unavailable. It will need some more work to be available to use.

Unavailable sections like account, forum, blog, games profile subpages, bussiness relations etc. are still in development, as soon as any of it will be ready, it will be published.

Old website is still available and accessable by this link.